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Staffing Factoring

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Confidently manage payroll on time, no matter how large payroll becomes

Employees expect to be paid promptly each payday, but bigger clients expect extended payment terms. It’s a delicate balance that’s central to your business’s success.

Our invoice factoring service ensures that you can pay your employees on time every payday, no matter how large your payroll becomes. Don’t let cash shortages halt your staffing business.

Contact Integra for more information on how we can help you stay ahead of the competition with same-day invoice payments.


The top advantages of Staffing Factoring for your businesses

Debt-Free Financing

Staffing factoring is not a loan, so you won’t have to worry about taking on additional debt

Boost Your Cash Flow

With staffing factoring, you can get the funding you need to cover your expenses and keep your business running smoothly

Fast Cash, Fast Results

You can receive funding within 24 hours of submitting your invoices

Customized Financing Terms

Our staffing factoring solutions are flexible and can be tailored to your specific needs

The process

How Staffing Factoring works?

Experience simplicity and speed in our streamlined approach to staffing factoring

Submit your invoices to us

Send your invoices to us when you receive them from the customer

Get paid fast

We verify the invoices and provide you with funding upfront

We handle the collection

We collect payments from your clients when the invoices are due


Who can benefit from Staffing Factoring?

Staffing factoring is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses looking for a dependable and flexible financing solution. Staffing factoring can assist you whether you are a startup looking to expand your business or an established enterprise looking to improve your cash flow.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is staffing factoring?

Staffing factoring is a financial service where a company sells its outstanding invoices to a third-party (a factoring company) at a discount in exchange for immediate cash. This means that instead of waiting for their clients to pay their outstanding invoices, businesses can receive immediate cash for a portion of the value of those invoices. The factoring company then takes over the responsibility of collecting the payments from the clients.

How is staffing factoring different from a traditional loan?

Staffing factoring is not a loan, and there is no interest to be paid. Rather than taking on additional debt, businesses receive cash up front for their outstanding invoices. This means that there are no repayments to be made, and no interest rates to worry about. In addition, staffing factoring does not affect a company’s credit rating, as it is not considered a form of borrowing. Instead, it is a simple and straightforward way to manage cash flow and improve financial stability.

What types of staffing companies can benefit from factoring?

Factoring can benefit a variety of staffing companies, including temporary staffing, recruitment, and payroll funding companies. Any company that generates invoices for services or goods provided can benefit from staffing factoring. This includes businesses that work with large clients or government agencies that have long payment terms, which can create cash flow problems. By using staffing factoring, businesses can receive immediate cash for their outstanding invoices, which can help them to cover expenses, pay their employees, and invest in growth.

What are the requirements for staffing factoring?

To qualify for staffing factoring, businesses typically need to have outstanding invoices from creditworthy clients and a track record of timely payments. The factoring company will typically evaluate the creditworthiness of a business’s clients to determine their ability to pay. This means that businesses that work with reliable clients with good credit histories are more likely to qualify for factoring. In addition, the factoring company may require a minimum volume of invoices to be factored each month to justify the costs associated with providing the service.

How quickly can I receive funding through staffing factoring?

Many factoring companies can provide funding within 24 hours of receiving an invoice. This means that businesses can receive cash quickly and without the delays associated with traditional financing options. This can be particularly useful for businesses that need to cover immediate expenses, pay their employees, or invest in growth. By providing rapid access to cash, staffing factoring can help businesses to manage their cash flow and avoid cash flow problems.

What happens if my client doesn't pay their invoice?

If a client doesn’t pay their invoice, the factoring company will typically pursue payment directly from the client. This means that businesses that use staffing factoring are not responsible for collecting payments from their clients. In addition, most factoring companies provide credit protection, which means that they assume the risk of non-payment by the client. This can provide additional peace of mind for businesses that want to ensure that they are protected from non-payment by their clients.

Will staffing factoring impact my relationship with my clients?

Not necessarily. The factoring company typically handles the collections process, so your clients may not even know that you are using staffing factoring to manage your cash flow. In addition, many factoring companies offer white label services, which means that the factoring company operates under the name of the business that is selling the invoices. This can help to ensure that the relationship between the business and its clients is maintained.

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